ADF Team

Steering Committee

Anna Nguyen, Lead Organizer

Uyenthy Nguyen Steinert, Program Coordinator

Queenie Huyen Tran, Production Director

Cindy Phan

Cindy Phan, Marketing Director

Minh Tran Le, MC

Jet Duong, Indoor MC

Teresa Hoang, Dance and Production Choreographer

Tiffany Nhin, Social Media Manager

Caroline Valvedere, Creative Director

BeBe Jacobs, Artistic Advisor

Trinh Mai, Artistic Director

Lisa Nguyen, Marketing

Andy Nguyen, Photographer Coordinator


Andy Nguyen Raymond Huynh Ne Du Eric Valverde
Cuong Au Bruce Nguyen Nghia Tran Daniel Cao
Andreas Zhou KimLien Dang Hoang Le Alexander Nguyen
 Jason Jao

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