Tommy Tường Lê is a visionary fashion designer and the founder of Teejay Couture USA and 3T Fabulous Bridal. Hailing from Saigon, Vietnam, Tommy was immersed in the world of fashion from a young age. His passion for creating stunning garments was sparked by his neighbors, who were skilled tailors specializing in Vietnamese Áo Dài and Chinese Cheongsam Qipao. Tommy’s early exposure to the art of sewing and design ignited a lifelong pursuit of fashion.

After moving to the United States at the age of 14, Tommy continued to nurture his talent and explore his creativity. While studying engineering in college, he realized that his true calling lay in the realm of fashion design. Taking a leap of faith, he changed his major and pursued formal education in fashion design and merchandise. With a solid foundation and a burning desire to make his mark in the industry, Tommy graduated with double majors and embarked on his journey as a fashion designer.

Inspired by renowned designers such as Calvin Klein, Tommy learned valuable lessons about embracing mistakes and finding new ideas in the process. He internalized the idea that innovation often arises from the willingness to take risks and learn from failure. This mindset has become an integral part of Tommy’s creative process, pushing him to constantly push the boundaries and explore new possibilities in his designs.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, Tommy’s creations reflect his diverse influences. Nature’s beauty, architectural marvels, and the richness of different cultures all find expression in his designs. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship, Tommy’s garments exude elegance and sophistication.

Tommy’s designs have garnered widespread recognition, with his masterpieces gracing stages and red carpets across the globe. Yet, the true measure of success for Tommy lies in the satisfaction and happiness of his clients. Building strong relationships with his customers, whom he considers as friends, Tommy ensures that each design reflects their unique personality and vision.

In his latest endeavor, Tommy is participating in the 2023 Áo Dài Festival, collaborating closely with the organizers to create a collection that celebrates the unity of Vietnamese culture and the bond with the motherland. Guided by his mentor’s wisdom, Tommy fearlessly explores new ideas and infuses each Áo Dài with a sense of identity and cultural heritage. With his commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and storytelling, Tommy continues to captivate audiences and make a lasting impact on the world of fashion.